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Bottle Reject Systems

At CSS International, we understand how important it is that your conveyor systems work well at all times. When you place bottles on your conveyor system, you need to know that only the right bottles are filled, labeled, or capped. This is where our bottle reject system can help. With the ability to reject bottles that are damaged, incorrectly oriented, or the wrong type, it can save precious minutes on downtime and incorrectly packaged orders. 

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What Are Bottle Reject Systems?

A bottle reject system is a useful tool that ensures any damaged or downturned bottles are removed from the conveyor belt. When a damaged or downturned bottle is removed, it allows the system to correctly package, label, or fill all of the remaining bottles. 

Many bottle rejection systems have more than one rejector. This is to ensure that a bottle that was missed the first time will be picked up by the second rejector. 

Your bottles will flow down the conveyor system and move from one area to another. A bottle reject system allows defective bottles to be removed. This ensures that only correctly packaged bottles reach the final stage. Bottles that are rejected will accumulate onto a turntable, a separate conveyor belt, or another area of your choosing. 

  • Sub-standard bottles

It’s imperative that your customers receive perfectly good bottles. Any sub-standard bottles could result in a refusal to use your services again by the consumer. This is why every single bottle needs to be checked before it is packaged and sent to your customer. 

Bottle rejection systems allow the conveyor belt to keep moving so that you stay ahead with your order. They help to reduce, if not eliminate down time, and ensure that all of your customers are much more likely to be happy. 

Both PET and glass bottles can be rejected, ensuring that change over time is kept to a minimum. Your bottles can be reliably rejected, thanks to the various style mechanisms.

Please contact us today if you have any questions or queries about our bottle reject systems. We will be more than happy to talk with you. We’re a friendly team with more than 75 years in the industry and we can help you. 

How It Works

Each bottle reject system consists of an inspection device. This device activates a pass signal when a defective bottle is not found. When a defective bottle is found, a reject signal is issued. A chute sensor is issued to confirm that the bottle was removed from the conveyor. 

An additional sensor is located downstream so that any missed defective bottle is picked up. The sensor has a signal that receives notification that a bottle has been seen. The sensor will issue a pass or fail signal. Again, when a defective bottle is found, a reject signal is issued. A chute sensor is issued to confirm that the bottle was removed from the conveyor. 

Some bottle reject systems can be used to make sure that only specific types of bottles remain on the conveyor system. Bottles that are a particular size or color can be rejected. This allows the remaining “correct” bottles to flow to the remaining line functions until it is completed for packing.

Some bottle reject systems may also be used to reject bottles that are incorrectly oriented. This is necessary when a bottle should only be filled from a specific angle. It also ensures that labels and caps are only ever placed in the correct position. 

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