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How To Improve The Lifespan Of A Production Line

Over the years, manufacturing has become a very refined process. This is regardless of what you are producing. There are methods out there that can help to improve the lifespan of a production line. 

Complete an Evaluation of the Production Line

Evaluating the production line should, ideally, be the first thing you do. It can help you to understand how the production line works is essential before you make any changes. 

Get as much information as you can from the production line and how it works. Work out if:

  • There are highly efficient areas 
  • There are areas which aren’t very efficient 
  • There are areas which break down frequently 

Take some time to look at any weaknesses in your production line. This will help you to address them. If you have a large system failure it can cause something of a bottleneck and create issues further down the line. It is, therefore, essential to keep the whole system running as effectively as possible. 

Print Out Work Instructions

If there is an assembly or interaction that is undertaken by people you should consider printing out the instructions. This is a great way to ensure that all of your team has visual cues. It also ensures that those who did not design the product are able to assemble it easily.

The Standardisation of Work 

Ensuring that all of your team is trained and they understand how each part of the production line works is essential. This is because it can improve the production line’s efficiency.

While the team does not need to be experts in their field, there should always be someone available to step in so the line can keep moving. This can be essential if there is a breakdown or an emergency. 

The Effectiveness of Automation

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If you wish to replace manpower with machines you should make sure that it’s the most efficient way for your production line to work. You need to have a return on investment (ROI). You, therefore, need to ensure that the machines you use don’t need regular maintenance or constant supervision. This will help to free up your team so they can add value to the work that a machine cannot carry out. 

Show Support 

It is crucial that you show every member of your team support. You can do this by effectively communicating and educating them. If your team as a problem help them to solve it. Share any expertise with them and help them to deliver results by motivating them. It is up to you to harness their potential, abilities, and skills. 

Try your best to seek out those small wins that can add up over time. Gains such as these can make the whole production line a lot more efficient. Don’t forget to work out how much each potential change is going to cost. For example, a new piece of machinery might make the line more efficient but there may be cheaper alternatives out there. 

Try not to spend your capital until you know that doing so can ensure your actions are for the better.