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Used Packaging Equipment And New Machines

Businesses will often contemplate over two options while purchasing industrial machinery – replacing obsolete equipment with a new stack or buying used packaging equipment. Whether you’re investing in packaging elements like timing screws or redefining the metering system with a more efficient product, what matters most is an unparalleled line of production efficiency. Here’s why you should be investing in used packaging goods vs. new machines –

What Do You Need the Equipment For?

A professional service company that offers premium grade packaging equipment will ensure budgeted installation, repair and replacement as part of your annual package. If you’re looking for stretch wrappers, screw feed systems or a second hand strapping machine, here’s why used machinery is a smarter option –

Cost Savings

While contacting a certified distributor for used packaging equipment you must make sure you have a list of products with their model number and serial number allocated. If you want a smooth flow of containers within your packaging system, yet cut down on costs then an ideal solution would be to buy used equipment. A good manufacturing company will offer used equipment at a resale value that has already depreciated over time. 

 Regular Maintenance

While price negotiation depends entirely upon the quality and condition of the used packaging equipment, you’ll need to make sure you have regular maintenance as part of this package. Used packaging equipment is available either for outright purchase or you can also consider a lease option. Most used machinery is available immediately with minimal lead times and also comes with regular maintenance checks.

Performance History

Buy used packaging equipment that helps your business save hundreds and thousands of dollars especially a product line that’s been thoroughly examined, and comes with paperwork that underlines factory performance over the years. Since performance chart is a factor to consider, another way to guarantee the working capabilities of the used equipment is by checking service records.

Disadvantages of Buying Used Packaging Equipments

While buying used packaging equipment can help cut down costs, it does come with its own set of disadvantages. You can purchase the machinery from dealers, or visit industrial auctions however it is important to find the right marketplace. Here are a few setbacks companies suffer from while buying used machinery for their packaging systems –

  • Remote bidding through online auction sites can sometimes deliver damaged or non-functioning machinery.
  • Machinery dealers charge a huge amount for transportation, installation and may not offer limited warranty.
  • Consumers may have to tender a buyer’s premium if they’re purchasing used packaging equipment from industrial auctions.

Who are we?

Right from system integration to convenient storage innovations, CSS International aims at delivering machine handling & installation solutions. If your business is looking to expand, and is in need of used packaging equipment, our supply feed will vastly improve overall productivity. Call us for a quick consult and request a free quote to find the best products that can streamline your processes.