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Conveyor Metering Systems

CSS International manufactures heavy-duty metering systems to help regulate conveyor product/container flow through the use of controlled gaps. Our metering systems can manage multiple conveyors operating at different speeds to allow for the ultimate in line management and flexibility. They can be used to:

  • Pace products between different conveyor stages
  • Control container merger points (especially at high speeds)
  • Control sorter induction points
  • Separate items according to a fixed speed between two belts
  • Manage spacing for weight checks
  • Space products traveling through a labeler
  • Insert positive space before counting, scanning, filling, etc.

Quality Standards Deliver Results

Each of our conveyor metering systems is designed and engineered:

  • Using anodized aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
  • In widths ranging from 6" to 48" (and any custom width between)
  • To handle speeds of up to 1,500 CPM
  • Using an application-specific electric motor
  • With individual drive control
  • To manage nearly any required gaps (with standard gaps between .5" and 24")
  • As either standalone conveyors or as easy attachment modules

Customized Control

CSS metering systems can be manufactured to your specifications, with options including:

  • DC, AC sero, stepper motors
  • Brake meter belts
  • Brake spacer belts
  • Gap optimizers
  • Servo belts

Whether you're seeking a conveyor metering system to insert before your mergers and sorters, or you have a custom application, CSS can help design a solution for you. For more information on our metering systems, contact CSS International today.

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